Dinner Meals and Conversation that Bring the Family Together 

Curated Weekly Menus and Grocery List | Positive Family Discussions | Increased Family Unity

Strong Families Are Built around the Dinner Table

Famly Table makes dinnertime enjoyable and calm so that you can build a stronger, more united family. 

Save Time and Money

Deciding what to make for dinner, or, what you feel like making, and what you have on-hand, takes more time each day than most realize. 

Our meal plans make those decisions for you, saving you time that you can use for more important people and activities.

With our grocery list feature, you're more likely to get in and out of the store quickly. This reduces the chances of impulse buys -  the silent killer of grocery budgets and waist lines.

Unite around Food

While it may be cliche to say that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach, there is a universal truth there.

Good food eases and relaxes people. Having regular family meals has been shown to build stronger families, and having good food at those meals smooths over the rough spots of the day.

Famly Table enables you to have delicious, regular family dinner together.

Strengthen Your Family

Since good food is the foundation of dinnertime, conversation and belonging are the structure that rests on that foundation.

Yet in the bust world we live in, personal communication is not emphasized enough.  Relationships weaken as a result, straining family bonds.

That's why along with menu planning, we also include a blueprint that guides families to have encouraging and positive dinner conversations.

​It's Like Having Your Own Food Concierge

Make the Best Use of Your Time and Money, While Enjoying Great Food and Improving Family Relationships.

How Famly Table Works

meal plans & Grocery Lists

Each week we offer several curated menus that include 5 dinners. Whether you want a classic American menu, vegetarian, International, or a mix of everything, you select your menu and we prepare the shopping list. No more deciding what to make or wondering if you have enough of the right ingredients to make it.

Now you can know what's for dinner every night of the week.

Customize your menu and grocery list

There's more at the grocery store then just dinner ingredients, so we give you complete control over your menu and list. Add and remove anything you need. Order the list in categories or in the order you'll walk through the store. A few minutes of weekly planning is all it takes to get in an out of the store once.

Enjoy the family conversation

Dinnertime is a time to pause and disconnect from the hectic daily routine. Reconnecting with family near the end of the day is cathartic, yet many people have forgotten how to do it. We include tips and ideas that can help your family have relaxing dinner conversation. 

What About the Food?

A Sampling of Famly Table Meals

Our menu is constantly growing and includes traditional, "meat and potato"-type American food, vegetarian meals, International foods from central and south America, Europe, the Mediterranean, Asia, and more. We make heavy use of slow and pressure cookers to make flavorful, healthy meals that require less clean up time.

bacon wrapped chicken tenders, honey mustard sauce and roasted asparagus

A kid-pleasing favorite that only takes about 15 minutes to prepare. 

Cuban pork roast with rice and black beans

A simple slow cooker recipe that takes only about 20 minutes to prepare and slow cooks all day.

Pan fried gnocchi with spinach and white beans

You can say you worked all day on this dish, and people will believe it. But this unique and delicious vegetarian-Italian meal comes together quickly. 

Instant Pot beef gyros

Rich Mediterranean flavor with only minutes spent in the kitchen. What's not to love?

​What Are You Waiting For? Try it Today!

Save time and energy by no longer having to plan out every dinner. Let us do it for you!